Rick Wolfe

Rick Wolfe

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First Name * Rick
Last Name * Wolfe
Username * Garibaldi
Country * USA
City Stanwood
Nationality American
Languages English


Current Position Artist;Modeller
Areas of Expertise AerospaceAircraftArchitectureAutomotiveGames ComputerGames ConsoleMotion Picture or VideoTelevisonVisualisation
Preferred Tools 3ds maxAfter EffectsMental RayPainterPhotoshopMayaV-RayModelingPremiere


Availability: Freelance
Website www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Atomic-Outhouse/129041037175690


About me huh? Lessee, grew up in Southern California, still consider myself to be a Californian, even after 16 some odd years in Washington State. Moved to the Evergreen State back in 1994 shortly after the Northridge Quake. Earthquakes have a way of making your thinking go fuzzy. Worked for several years until a round of layoffs hit.

I used that lack of a job to focus on something I had been wanting to do for sometime; learn 3D. Something I had become interested in thanks to a cousin who was getting ready to go to Vancouver Film School. He showed me the things he was working on during a visit to his house one Thanksgiving.

Graduated in 03 with an Associates Degree, decided that wasn't quite enough so I put myself through another two years and graduated in 2005, the new owner of a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree.

Now, enough talking about myself, it is your turn to talk about me. So if you could, look through my work here, and please tell me what you think. All criticism is wanted and welcome.